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Mitch Weisburgh

COO 3D Bear
United States of America

What do we do now?

We’ve really hit bottom in the three years since Covid first appeared. How do we get out of this hole?
Weren’t things a lot simpler before the pandemic? Students attended classes. We could teach, they would respectfully sit in class. We would assign homework, most would complete the homework. We would give tests and assessments, most students would show progress each year on their tests and most would pass or even get high scores on their tests.
Today, students are 1 or 2 years behind where they should be. We bring in technology to “engage” and “motivate” them, but they still don’t pay attention, and many don’t even show us the respect we deserve. Parents are dumping their own disciplinary problems on the schools, and the schools are dumping the problems on the teachers. And teachers? Teachers are wondering why we even got into this profession.
For the past three years, Mitch has worked with students, teachers, administrators, and parents in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. His keynote will address how we got here and some scenarios for how we build the future we want our kids and ourselves to live in.

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